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Northwest Weddings

Northwest Weddings

Want to get married but just don't know where? Are you more of a formal or informal person? Do you prefer indoors or a more rustic approach? The following pages might be able to help you narrow it down. As you preview the photos, take note of which feeling you're drawn to more. And maybe, just maybe, you might be able to picture you and your perfect day in one of these settings.

On The Lake

The Pacific Northwest boasts some of the most pristine lakes in the country. Take your vows and your guests on a lake cruise! There is a peacefulness that comes from taking a day cruise away from town. You and your new spouse can soak in the moment, along with the sunshine, on the deck of a lakeboat, then dive back inside for the reception and join the festivities with your guests. Cruise packages vary from two- to three-hour tours or overnight stays. Choose tours from Seattle or move inland to beautiful Lake Coeur d’Alene and Lake Pend Oreille.

Rustic Ranch

Rustic weddings will always have a place in the Pacific Northwest. The area lends itself to outdoor weddings with the forests and mountain ranges as the backdrop. Having a rustic theme conjures the feeling of balance and simplicity—long, wide wooden tables, bare walls, old rusty jugs filled with fresh flowers—but let’s face it; there’s nothing simple about a wedding! Be prepared with a budget and shop your rustic venues. Celebrate the cowgirl and cowboy in you and flaunt the Western style!

Elegant Indoors

Play it safe by hosting your wedding inside that historic home or bed and breakfast with the option to go outdoors during the reception. There are many area wineries that each offer their own personal flair for you to make your own for the day. Around the Pacific Northwest, there are a number of hidden gems perfect for a wedding.

Extravagent Outdoors

Imagine starting your life out together on top of a mountain! Say “I do” with a breathtaking view behind you! Check local parks as well to reserve space in an outdoor locale that will surely be the most talked-about and remembered moment of your day! Add lavish floral bouquets overflowing from concrete vases and an intricate trellis at the end of the aisle; scatter flowers in the spot where you will exchange your vows. Extravagance means having every moment covered. Some fairly simple structures can be fashioned to hang chandeliers, flowers and greenery. The more flowers and décor, the more extravagant the reception becomes. Whether it is a local park that you reinvent as your outdoor event masterpiece or an historic home or bed and breakfast that features gardens for entertainment, there is no shortage of outdoor venues to work with. Keep in mind the rain when planning your event, as June can be a rainy month!

Barn Style

A barn wedding is a good Western venue that allows for the beauty of the outdoors, complemented by a lovely historic barn to take part of the day indoors or as a safety from the weather. The high barn ceilings decorated with strings of white light creates a mystical atmosphere. It’s all about the juxtaposition—mixing the old structure with fresh new décor—and creating a friendly, laid-back look for you and your guests.

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