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April is Idaho Craft Beer Month

Grab a Pint and Support Your Local Brewers

By Abigail Thorpe

Idaho is up there with the best when it comes to craft beer, and it’s no surprise considering the access breweries have to local hops, barley and fresh, clean mountain water. The state ranks 11th in the nation for craft breweries per capita, with 63 craft breweries throughout the state.

The Idaho Panhandle is no exception to this rule—we sport a great collection of local breweries brewing the best of what our state has to offer, with unique local flavors like huckleberry and pine lending a special touch to some brews. With hops and barley within a day’s drive of every brewery, you know you’re drinking local.

April is Idaho Craft Beer Month, and breweries throughout the area will be brewing up some fantastic options to celebrate the occasion. The month will kick off with Pints Up Idaho day on April 2.

Take the opportunity to get out and support your local brewers all month long and celebrate all that our state brings to craft beer by stopping for a pint, or grabbing some cans, crowlers or growlers to go. Breweries from Bonners Ferry to Coeur d’Alene showcase some fantastic flavors and options, from IPAs and lagers, to deep stouts and porters.

Stop by Kootenai River Brewing Co. in Bonners Ferry; Matchwood, McDuffs, Utara, Pour Authority and Laughing Dog in Sandpoint, or one of the many great breweries in Coeur d’Alene, such as Daft Badger, Tricksters, Mad Bomber, The Growler Guys, Paragon and Black Lodge, to name just a few.

Many restaurants and pubs throughout the region also feature local beer on tap, so pair some local eats with a good pint and support our local businesses. After all, celebrating our own North Idaho flavor is as good an excuse as any to grab a cold one this month.

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