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Digital: The Strongarm of Modern Marketing

Rocket Fish Digital is your partner in online marketing

By Abigail Thorpe

As a business owner, do you ever wonder how people are finding out about your business, what’s drawing them in, and what potential customers you might be missing out on? In-person customer interaction can provide a sliver of this information, but to see the big picture you need to look to the digital side.

While 90 percent of all purchases take place in a physical store, 86 percent of customers read reviews before visiting, and a whopping half of all local online business searches end in that customer visiting the store within 24 hours. What does this mean? Your digital presence, reputation and interaction with potential customers is key to success.

“People are receiving their information in a variety of ways. We are a society that is on the run, tied to our phones and social media, so it is critical to utilize many platforms for spreading your message—everything from print to digital to traditional,” says Steve Russo, executive director of Rocket Fish Digital and owner of Like Media, Inc. “All of these products funnel potential clients and consumers to your online platform—either a website or social media site. When potential clients or consumers search for your business online, it’s necessary that you be found easily. In order to be found online, every business needs to employ a good SEO strategy with a focus on local search.”

Russo saw the need for a digital marketing platform that provides clients with the tools to improve their digital footprint and track their analytics, while going a step beyond to successfully connect customers with local businesses.

The result was Rocket Fish Digital, launched in 2018 with a goal to help clients effectively market their businesses online, track just how their message is being received, and determine what marketing avenues are best for them.

Rocket Fish Digital combines industry-forward techniques with localized content to monitor and optimize a company’s online presence, integrates its platform to work seamlessly with other digital products, and tailors and targets original, local-specific content to appeal to prospective customers.

The team at Rocket Fish Digital can provide social media pages for your business, keep them updated and optimize their exposure on a regular basis, and with the platform managing, interacting with, generating and reporting on all reviews posted about your business, you can successfully manage your online reputation.

Each month, Rocket Fish Digital provides its clients with an extensive report covering their digital product analytics in real time, including topics such as listing search terms, Google search queries for each weekday, Google phone calls broken down by the hour, and more.

How do they do this? Russo explains that a key part is analyzing the average number of times consumers took action from a business’ Google My Business listing by detailing whether they clicked the “call,” “directions” or “website” links.

“We have already witnessed great success with the clients who have signed up for Rocket Fish Digital,” says Russo. “We launched this service after years of research, and we can now provide our clients with every tool necessary to be relevant online, improving their Google rankings and overall digital footprint at a fraction of the cost of most competitors.”

The next time you are considering your advertising options, be sure to check out Rocket Fish Digital!

Rocket Fish Digital


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