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Invest in the Future of Your Loved Ones

Enroll today in the IDeal - Idaho College Savings Program By Jillian Chandler

For those with children or grandchildren, you want to see them thrive and excel in this world. With that in mind, saving for their future to help them on their life’s path begins now. This is where IDeal - Idaho College Savings Program comes in. “When our children are born, high school graduation seems like a long way off. But, those 18 years fly by, and many families often find that the costs of ongoing education are out of reach when that time comes,” says Marilyn Whitney, Executive Director for IDeal. “With IDeal, you are investing in the future of a loved one, and the sooner you start, the better. Even small contributions to an IDeal account—$25 a month—can make a difference.”

IDeal—Idaho’s official, state-sponsored 529 education savings program—is a tax-advantaged savings plan designed to encourage saving for future education costs. “We help Idaho families save for education costs from kindergarten through graduate school and everything in between,” shares Whitney. “Idaho taxpayers get great benefits with the Idaho 529 including tax incentives for annual contributions and tax deferred growth on their investment if the funds are used for a qualified education expense.” Families have different education plans, savings objectives, risk tolerance and time horizons, therefore, IDeal - Idaho College Savings Program provides three investment options for account owners to choose from:

• Target Enrollment Portfolios - Set It and Forget It. • Fixed Asset Options - You Do the Investing. • Savings Portfolio - FDIC Insured High-Yield Savings Account

“Each account owner selects the option that best fits their specific plans and goals,” notes Whitney. “Results depend on those individual investment choices and market performance.

Since 2001, the IDeal program has helped more than 60,000 families save for education. “IDeal’s mission is to help Idaho families pursue education through tax-advantaged savings,” Whitney affirms. “Our vision is to help ensure Idaho’s citizens have the financial resources to attain their education and career goals. Those 60,000-plus families represent individuals who saved to have financial resources to help them pursue their dreams.” The Idaho 529 plan is flexible and can be used for a variety of qualified education options: • Eligible two or four-year colleges and universities in and outside Idaho • Skills/career training programs • Registered apprenticeships (certified with the Secretary of Labor under the National Apprenticeship Act). • K-12 tuition up to $10,000 per child per year • Student loan repayment up to $10,000 lifetime (per beneficiary or their sibling)

If a child does not use the 529 for education, the account owner has several options. “It’s always their money,” reminds Whitney. “They can transfer the funds to another child, grandchild, friend or themselves. They can withdraw the funds (taxes and penalties apply). And, starting January 1, 2024, they can roll the funds over to a Roth IRA for the beneficiary of the account.”

Research conducted by the Center for Social Development at Washington University in St. Louis shows that children with education savings accounts are about seven times more likely to pursue and complete postsecondary education. In addition, their career earning power can be much higher than that of a high school graduate over their lifetime. “Increasing awareness of, and participation in, Idaho’s 529 program is our goal,” states Whitney. “We are engaging in communities around the state to get the word out about the benefits of saving for future education with an Idaho 529. Encouraging more Idahoans to open accounts and contribute regularly means that more individuals have financial resources to pursue the education opportunities they choose.” Opening an IDeal - Idaho 529 account or contributing to a loved one’s existing Idaho 529 is a meaningful gift during the holidays or for any special occasion. Most children don’t need another toy or sweater, and while they may not know it now, your contribution to an Idaho 529 account can help them dream big about the future.

“At IDeal, we are always available to support anyone who is interested in learning more about the program and opening an account,” reminds Whitney. Visit their website,, where you can find great information to help answer any questions.

IDeal - Idaho College Savings Program 866.433.2533

For more information about the Idaho College Savings Program (“IDeal”), call 866.433.2533 or visit to obtain a Disclosure Statement. The Disclosure Statement discusses investment objectives, risks, charges, expenses, and other important information. Because investing in IDeal is an important decision for you and your family, you should read and consider the Disclosure Statement carefully before investing. Ascensus Broker Dealer Services, LLC (“ABD”) is Distributor of IDeal.

Before you invest, consider whether you or the beneficiary’s home state offers any state tax or other state benefits such as financial aid, scholarship funds and protection from creditors that are only available for investments in that state’s qualified tuition program.

IDeal[MW1] is administered by the State College Savings Program Board (“Board”). ABD, the program manager, and its affiliates, have overall responsibility for the day-to-day operations, including investment advisory, recordkeeping and administrative services, and marketing. The Vanguard Group, Inc. (“Vanguard”) serves as Investment Manager for IDeal. Sallie Mae Bank serves as the Savings Portfolio Manager for IDeal. IDeal's Portfolios invest in either: (i) mutual funds and a separate account offered or managed by Vanguard; or (ii) an FDIC-insured omnibus savings account held in trust by the Board at Sallie Mae Bank. Except for the Savings Portfolio, investments in IDeal are not insured by the FDIC. Units of the Portfolios are municipal securities, and the value of units will vary with market conditions.

Investment returns will vary depending upon the performance of the Portfolios you choose. Except to the extent of FDIC insurance available for the Savings Portfolio, you could lose all or a portion of your money by investing in IDeal, depending on market conditions. Account Owners assume all investment risks as well as responsibility for any federal and state tax consequences.

Not FDIC-Insured (except for the Savings Portfolio). No Bank, State or Federal Guarantee. May Lose Value.

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