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Student in the Spotlight

By Taylor Shillam

Emberlyn Reynolds, Senior Lake City High School

Student in the Spotlight

Lake City High School senior Emberlyn Reynolds has spent years as a multi-sport varsity athlete and has already had a valuable education both in and outside of academics at her young age of 17.

She joined Lake City’s varsity basketball team her freshman year, has played varsity volleyball since her sophomore year, and her teams have seen an impressive run throughout her high school athletic career.

“I have participated on the basketball team and placed third at state, and have placed fourth at state for volleyball,” she said.

Aside from her success as an athlete, Emberlyn is known to work just as hard on the academic side of high school. As a busy, active student, she's had to learn and continuously practice time management and prioritization. To manage it all, Emberlyn has learned the importance of focusing her time on the passions that bring her joy.

“One of the biggest challenges I've faced in high school has been managing my time between academics and sports,” she shared. “I have been able to somewhat overcome this challenge by making sure I am involving myself in the things I enjoy in my everyday life, to balance the stress and overwhelm.”

It also helps to have a strong support system; Emberlyn’s favorite part of high school is the people who surround her. “In school, I definitely enjoy the community that builds over the years,” she said. “As a senior, I feel like I have connections to the majority of my class.”

Emberlyn credits her time in athletics for another key life lesson: the importance of prioritizing her own needs.

"The best thing I’ve learned from a coach is that taking care of yourself sometimes means doing things others might see as selfish," she said.

As for her plans beyond high school, Emberlyn is open to what the future has in store for her.

“My plans for college and future schooling are to find the right time for me to go somewhere that I can find what I am passionate about,” she said. “My career interests all involve nature and preserving the environment that does so much for us.”

For whatever lies in store for her after graduation, Emberlyn's focus on finding a joyful balance in life combined with her self-awareness and self-assurance are sure to make her next steps a continuation of her success.

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