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Students in the Spotlight

By Taylor Shillam | Photo by Christine Woeller

Student in Spotlight

Colton Farrar, Senior Coeur d’Alene High School

Coeur d’Alene High School’s Colton Farrar is 17 years old and highly active. While football is his passion, he also enjoys wake surfing, riding dirt bikes, hunting and camping. He lives in Hayden with his parents, Mike and Drew, and his younger sister Camryn.

Throughout his time as an athlete for Coeur d’Alene High School, Colton has played football, basketball and baseball. Now entering his senior year, he reflects on the impact athletics has had on his journey so far, including what he enjoys most about his favorite sport.

“The thing I enjoy most about football is being part of Coeur d’Alene Viking Football,” he shared. “I have had the most amazing coaches and have made lifelong friendships over the past four years. My coaches have taught me how to be a leader, and to never give up.”

Of all the valuable lessons he’s learned, Colton says the most important life lesson he’s learned as an athlete is that “things are going to be tough, whether it comes to injuries or just life in general—but you’ve just got to push through, because all things happen for a reason.”

He’s had to push through his fair share of challenges over the years, including athletic injuries. “I would say the injuries would be the biggest challenge I’ve had in sports,” he shared. “I have had some major injuries over the past few years.”

Even still, his dedication has held strong. “I have had to make some decisions to work on myself and focus on healing my body,” he said. “I have worked hard at physical therapy and challenged myself to continue to work for what I love.”

Colton plans to continue doing more of what he loves into his last year of high school and beyond.

“My plan for college is to have the opportunity to continue to play football, and work toward an education in business,” he said. “I’m interested in that career path because my family owns a local business, and I would like to learn more to successfully carry on the family business.”

Colton’s father, uncle, and his grandfather Myron own and operate the construction business called Lake City Roofing and Construction, one of the oldest roofing companies in the Northwest.

In short, “Life is good,” Colton said. “Never give up.” That attitude will take him well into his senior year and a bright future ahead.

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