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Athlete of the Month: Kodie Kolden

Athlete of the Month: Kodie Kolden

Kodie Kolden:

Lake City High School

Kodie Kolden is a 16-year-old baseball player at Lake City High School who enjoys the spirit of competition that sports brings.

“The one thing I enjoy most is creating lifelong memories with my teammates that I’ll never forget. The bus rides, the state tournaments and practices is what I’m really going to remember,” Kodie said.

The lettered junior has averaged a 3.9 GPA and already has been offered a scholarship to Washington State University. After graduating, he plans to continue his education in a physical therapy program.

“I would like to pursue physical therapy because I like learning about biology and how it can relate to sporting injuries,” he said.

Though still a year away from graduating, he knows to make the most of his high school years.

“One lesson I’ve learned from being involved in high school sports is that you need to make the most out of your four high school years because they go really quick, and once it’s done you can’t relive it,” Kodie said.

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