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Unique Northwest Wine Blends

Unique Northwest Wine Blends

Treat your palate to a variety of distinct Northwest flavors as you taste your way through some of the unique wines in the following pages. There's so much more to wine than just a red or a white. Next time you have the chance, maybe try choosing a berry blend!

Huckleberry Wine – A native fruit found in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, huckleberries provide a unique and sweet taste to your glass of wine. Pend d’Oreille Winery in Sandpoint, Idaho, takes the natural juices from the huckleberries and blends them with Riesling grapes providing a refreshing wine that has been a popular seller throughout the years. While it has not been produced over the past two vintages due to weather and low-yielding crops, representatives from Pend d’Oreille Winery said they have every intention of resuming production when the weather and crops improve. Until then, be sure to purchase it while you can! Townshend Cellar in Spokane, Washington, also offers a huckleberry brut sparkling wine for those who prefer a little bubbly. If you have not tried huckleberry wine, you will want to be sure and put it on your list.

Red Current Wine - The redcurrant berries produce a wonderfully tasting wine. Similar to grapes, redcurrants are grown in clusters and act similar to grapes in the fermentation and development of wine. The tartness of the redcurrant fruit results in a wine that is light, not too sweet, fruity and fresh. It is often paired with chicken, turkey and pork. If you want to try producing this wine on your own, you can also experiment by adding raspberries to the redcurrant mixture; it will make a tasty alternative as the fruits blend together nicely.

Habanero Wine - Are you one of those people who cannot get enough of hot and spicy foods? While some may prefer a sweet white wine to pair with their zesty foods, others are now turning to habanero wine to add even more spice to their meal. Infused with natural habanero flavors, the heat of the peppers provides the wine with an extra kick, offering an endorphin release unlike any you will get from other wines. If you are looking for that unique tasting wine to go with your next spicy meal, try a glass of habanero wine—and you might want to have a glass of water nearby, just in case!

Pour It Charlie Wine - Awarded the gold medal at the 2015 Tri-Cities Wine Awards, this unique wine by Coyote Canyon Winery in Prosser, Washington, boasts an aroma of chocolate, blackberry and oak. A port wine, it is rich and offers flavors of sweet dark cherries, wood and a baked-pie component. A blend of 50 percent Mourvedre, 38 percent Syrah and 12 percent Graciano, the dessert wine is 17-percent alcohol and is the perfect way to cap off a delicious meal.

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