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Athlete of the Month: Travis Jerome

Travis Jerome

Travis Jerome

Lake City High School

Football has been an integral part of Travis Jerome’s life. A senior on Lake City High School’s football team, Travis has played football since he was in second grade. This is his second year as a starter on the Timberwolves’ varsity team, and he also serves as team captain.

But it is not just on the football field where Travis excels. He currently has a 3.9 GPA and has maintained that all throughout high school.

His determination is something that has allowed him to overcome any challenges he has faced in his athletic career. “One of the biggest challenges through all my years of playing has been battling a lot of adversity such as multiple coaching changes and some rough rebuilding seasons,” said Travis. “A lot of people might be discouraged by this, but I feel like all these experiences have made me a better man and a better leader.”

Travis shares that he plans to play football in college and is looking at schools that will fit both his athletic and academic interests and help him better himself. Travis said he is interested in becoming a teacher because he feels as though teachers have the ability to influence a lot of young people’s lives in a positive way. “Also, teaching would also give me an opportunity to get into coaching,” he said.

While there are many things that the game of football brings to young athlete’s lives, what Travis enjoys most about the game is the ability to have so many people come together to achieve a common goal. “Football is a tough sport, and it challenges you physically and mentally,” said Travis. “But having your teammates beside you keeps you going.”

Coaches play an important part in not only teaching the fundamentals of a sport but in teaching life lessons as well. For Travis, one of those lessons has been determination. “One thing I have learned from playing sports and from my coaches is that you can't give up on anything that you care about, whether that is in football or life. You have to find a way to keep going.”

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