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Athletes of the Month: Devin Sorrelle & Hailey Ocapan

Devin Sorrelle

Devin Sorrelle

Lake City High School

With hard work and determination, you can achieve anything. That is something that Lake City High School senior Devin Sorrelle said he has learned by being involved in wrestling.

He is in his second year as captain of the LCHS wrestling team and was a 2018 qualifier for state as well as a 2019 Pacific Northwest Classic runner-up, and he placed in the 2019 Jug Beck Rocky Mountain Classic.

Devin shares that his biggest challenge when it comes to wrestling was gaining confidence. “Last season I didn't win some matches because I had a mental block; I just wasn't confident enough in myself and had a constant fear of losing,” he said. “But as the season went on, with a lot of help from my dad, my teammates and pep talks from my coaches, I got a lot more comfortable. I no longer get nervous before matches because I know that I've done the preparation and that I’m ready for whatever happens next.”

Devin plans to attend University of Idaho in the fall unless there is an opportunity to wrestle for a college team at another school.

“After college I would like to be an architect. My dad is a general contractor, and I have grown up around construction sites and constantly fixing up houses. I really enjoy working with my dad and learning from him,” said Devin.

Devin said he enjoys wrestling because it is a sport that anyone can do—no matter how tall, short or big you are. “What sets people apart is hard work and determination. I also love the rush that you get before a match. It's exciting. In addition to that, I love competing and traveling with my team. They have become family to me,” he said.

Going forward, Devin will take the things he has learned from wrestling and apply them to his everyday life: “You should always set high goals for yourself, live a healthy lifestyle and surround yourself with positive people.”

Hailey Ocapan

Hailey Ocapan

Coeur d’Alene High School

Coeur d’Alene High School senior Hailey Ocapan has been a cheerleader for the past four years and serves as one of the team’s captains this year. She said what she loves most about cheerleading is the camaraderie and closeness she has with her teammates and coaches.

“The team and coaches have become family to me,” said Hailey. “We are all connected in some way, and the closer we are the better we perform. I am truly thankful for the team and coaches I have been involved with for my four years of cheer.”

In addition to her devotion to cheerleading, Hailey is also a dedicated student. She has been on the honor roll all four years of high school and was recently awarded the Panhandle Kiwanis Club Student of the Month for January. And although she would love to continue to cheer at the collegiate level, Hailey is choosing to focus on academics.

“I intend on majoring in political science and hope to take that major and attend law school,” said Hailey, who will attend the University of Idaho in the fall. “I have been interested in the law field because I think that it’s important to stand up for others and speak your voice.”

Hailey has learned a great deal from being involved in cheerleading. She shares that the biggest challenge she faced throughout her four years was finding her confidence. “When I first started cheer, I was shy and timid. As the year went on, I was able to improve my skill and develop confidence because of the support from my team and coaches.”

It was the lesson she learned from her coach, Lisa Walker, that Hailey intends to carry with her as she continues her life journey. “The key to feeling accomplished is believing in yourself,” said Hailey.

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