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Athletes of the Month: Noah Mayfield & Schreyer Jones

Noah Mayfield

Coeur d’Alene High School

Noah Mayfield

Noah Mayfield is passionate about the game of baseball, a sport he has been involved in almost his entire life. “It is the greatest game created, and I love the competitive nature that it brings onto the diamond,“ said Noah, a senior at Coeur d’Alene High School.

Noah was a three-time Little League All-Star as well as a Spokane Pony All-Star. He has been a starter on the high school varsity team since he was a freshman and credits his passion for baseball to his older brothers, whom he says he has looked up to ever since he can remember.

Noah plans to continue his baseball career next year at Spokane Falls Community College. “I hope to improve and get stronger so I can advance to a Division I program,” said Noah, whose career interests include becoming a CEO or manager of a large company. “I feel in that certain field I can thrive in my work and enjoy doing it.” Noah has a talent when it comes to numbers and exhibits great leadership skills.

Noah shares that the part of baseball he enjoys the most is the relationships he has made, saying some of his closest friends are made through baseball and that the bond of a baseball team is like nothing else. “It can create special relationships that will last forever,” he said.

Baseball has taught Noah several things, but most of all he says the best life lesson he has ever learned is to always push to persevere no matter the circumstance. “Life is hard and there will always be obstacles, and the only way to get through those obstacles is to put your head down and keep going.”

Schreyer Jones

Lake City High School

Schreyer Jones

Lake City High School senior Schreyer Jones has played on the school’s varsity tennis team for the last three years and was awarded Most Valuable Player her sophomore year. She has persevered academically as well achieving Honor Roll status all four years of high school and has qualified for national DECA her junior and senior years. DECA is a group that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.

In the fall, Schreyer will attend Boise State University, and although she does not plan on playing tennis at the collegiate level, it is a sport she will continue to play throughout her life. At Boise State, Schreyer will major in political science and minor in marketing, with a goal of one day becoming a political analyst.

She shares that one of the biggest challenges she has faced when it comes to athletics is finding a sport that she was passionate about. “When I picked up tennis, I found that it was a new and enjoyable sport that I wanted to put the extra time into and to work to improve at,” said Schreyer.

She said that what she loves most about the sport is the competition. “I love the nerves that come before a match and then being able to get into the game and just play,” she said.

Being involved in sports teaches young athletes much more than just the fundamentals of athletics; it also carries with it lessons they can apply to the rest of their lives. For Schreyer, she said that one of those lessons is to always stay positive, “because once your mentality changes, your whole game changes too.”

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