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Building Fun and Creating Lasting Memories

Building Fun and Creating Lasting Memories

“We felt the need to foster socialization in a time when kids would rather sit and engage with a video game instead of kids their age. We wanted families to experience fun together by embracing the boundless joy of bouncing. Trampoline parks are the perfect way to fill this need.”

The founders of Trampoline Parks, LLC manufactured the first modern-day trampoline park back in 2011. Since then, they’ve built more than 200 trampoline parks across six continents, creating hours of fun for thousands of children—and adults—across the globe.

What initially started out as a manufacturing company that was strictly dedicated to building commercial trampoline parks, Trampoline Parks, LLC branched out, putting the same features you’d find in a trampoline park into homes and backyards. “After our CEO put a trampoline park in his backyard, we began to think outside the box,” says Laura Steinhoff, marketing manager. “We have an expansive product catalog, but our most popular features include trampolines, foam pits, dodgeball courts and ninja obstacles.”

The experts within the company have helped write the rules of safety in the trampoline park industry, raising the standard of safety for the industry as a whole—in which they expect to continue to be the trailblazer. “In the early days, our CEO would test new amusement attractions on himself first. So essentially, he was the crash dummy for all of our experimentation,” Laura says. “He would say, ‘I have to make sure it’s safe for everyone!’ It wasn’t without a few hilarious hiccups, but he was the first to try our trampoline slides, stunt jump and Indiana-Jones-inspired swinging net bag. His dedication to the process ensures the safety and fun of the products released to the public. Of course, the products are always thoroughly tested through Research and Development.”

The team at Trampoline Parks, LLC finds the business they are in particularly rewarding. “We literally build fun,” says Laura. “Once we have installed features within a park or home, we get to see the smiles on the faces of both children and adults. Seeing the joy we bring to families through the features we create is priceless.”

According to Laura, the world has shifted when it comes to valuing experiences more than material things. “With this increased desire to make lasting memories, our business thrives. We offer a way for families to enjoy fun times together—and remember the fun they had for a lifetime.”

When it comes to what the future holds for Trampoline Parks, LLC, Laura affirms, “We undoubtedly will pursue innovative ways to engage children in activity through play.”

In addition to being a pioneer in the trampoline park industry, TPLLC is committed to humanitarian efforts across the globe, with a focus on providing communities in developing nations access to clean water and basic safety necessities. They also support their local communities by lending their expertise and helping hands to organizations like Habitat for Humanity.

If you’re interested in finding out more of what Trampoline Parks, LLC has to offer, you can reach them at 801.866.7796. Family fun and lifelong memories await.

Trampoline Parks, LLC

4074 South 1900 West

Roy, Utah


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