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A Night to Shine

A Night to Shine

For one special night in February, people in cities across the world will simultaneously celebrate an opportunity for guests of all abilities to have a dazzling prom night experience.

Night to Shine, an annual event sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation, is a chance to come together to support, recognize and honor the special needs community. The Foundation is committed to bringing faith, hope and love to those needing a brighter day, inspired by Tebow’s experiences on international mission trips. The Foundation created the event to celebrate individuals with special needs.

This year’s Night to Shine will take place on February 9 and will be hosted locally at the Cause Church in Coeur d’Alene.

The “shine” factor of the evening will extend to all participants. The prom event is known for being a thoughtfully well-rounded, high-quality experience provided to not only the honored guests but the family members and caretakers accompanying them, the event volunteers and the hosting church. It will truly be a night to remember for the entire community; a chance for people to come together in support of an incredible cause.

Thousands of people across the world have already committed to making their contribution to this year’s Night to Shine, an event that has continued to steadily gain momentum and participation since it began in 2015.

In that first year, Night to Shine events were held in 44 churches across 26 states and three countries. More than 15,000 volunteers came together to honor a total of 7,000 guests that year.

The prom night event has since grown to reach more than 650 churches, from 35 different denominations, in all 50 U.S. states and a total of 24 total countries. Four years later, the most recent Night to Shine event saw a total of 200,000 volunteers come together to serve more than 100,000 guests in 655 churches. The impact of Night to Shine can truly be felt all over the world.

The heartfelt impact will certainly be present locally, with the Cause Church hosting the event for a second year this February. As a Christian church, their “cause” is to see people far from God come into saving, healing and transforming relationship with Jesus.

Located on 1010 East Sherman Avenue, the Cause Church shares what they do in this simple statement: know God, find freedom, discover purpose and make a difference. The church moved into its current location in November of 2017. It’s a welcoming space that will comfortably hold its maximum of 120 honored guests and 100 volunteers on the night of the event.

In a tour of the Cause, pastor Jeff Cope emphasized the high standard of excellence that comes with hosting an event like Night to Shine. He was noticeably honored to play a key role in producing such a large-scale event celebrating the local special needs community.

“It’s a call to action,” he said, reflecting on the preparation and care that is required to host Night to Shine.

Cope considers every factor. From effectively utilizing the space, decorating to create an experience, coordinating a large group of volunteers, reaching out to community partners, providing quality food, and every fine detail that makes the event inclusive and memorable for each person in attendance, he is dedicated to providing a night that is deeply special. “We want nothing less than a five-star experience.”

Night to Shine guests are guaranteed to have nothing short of the prom of their dreams, with every detail the Cause and its community partners have in store.

Upon their arrival to the event, guests will walk the red carpet along the church’s long main hallway. Professional photographers and cheering fans will line the red carpet, ready to capture every moment. Each guest will have the opportunity to have their photograph taken against backdrops resembling magazine covers or take their own pictures to be printed instantly with the provided Polaroid cameras.

Guests will have two main rooms available for them to enjoy the night. Dancing and dining will take place in front of the church’s main stage, where guests will enjoy a catered meal served on tables with linens provided by the Coeur d’Alene Resort. The nave of the church provides an excellent space for guests to put on their dancing shoes and let loose.

A break from the dance floor will be provided in the game room, where guests can relax, engage in board games and let their inner rock stars shine with karaoke, a reported favorite activity of the night last year.

Throughout the entire event, a local limousine company will provide rides through Downtown Coeur d’Alene on a rotating schedule, providing a first-class transportation experience reminiscent of a classic prom night. To cap off a night of lasting memories, every single one of the honored guests will be crowned king or queen of the prom.

While the honored guests enjoy dancing, limousine rides and games, their accompanying caretakers, relatives and community members will have their own opportunities to relax, shine and feel appreciated.

A room at the Cause will be dedicated to their pampering for the night, including hair and beauty services provided by local business owners. Massage therapists will also be in attendance to provide stress-relieving head and neck massages.

Night to Shine, an event all about inclusivity, joy and celebrating life, will honor guests aged 14 and older. With all the care, thought and love that its hosts are so clearly pouring into the event, it is not a night to miss. Members, supporters and friends of Coeur d’Alene’s special needs community are all encouraged to attend as a guest or volunteer.

“What we can do here, we can’t do anywhere else,” said Cope. He hopes the event will provide a call to action for more local churches to host a Night to Shine and continue building the event’s reach to encompass a greater population within the Spokane/Coeur d’Alene area.

To contribute or volunteer at the event, contact The Cause at Additional information for prospective volunteers will be posted to their website in the coming weeks. Cope stated The Cause will gladly accept volunteer assistance from anyone who wants to join in on the special night.

For more information about the Tim Tebow Foundation, including directions to host or contribute to a Night to Shine event, visit You can also send a person with special needs to the event by donating $35 through the Foundation’s website.

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