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Local. Trustworthy. Experienced.

Local. Trustworthy. Experienced.

Born and raised in North Idaho, Nick and Sheyna Rust knew that this was the area that would always be home. They live an adventurous lifestyle with their two daughters, Darby and Jacey. When they’re not at work, you will find the Rust family out on the lake, in the woods or at the ski hill.

“We feel truly blessed upon the success we have been able to create in the place we love,” says Nick. After years of hard work, Nick and Sheyna are excited about the future of the two companies they’ve created, now named RTS Tile & Stone and Cleanlinez Tile Restoration. “We are very thankful to all our builders, homeowners and other business folk whose continuing support helps our company thrive,” says Sheyna.

RTS is a full-service professional tile and stone installation company that has been serving Sandpoint and the surrounding area for nearly two decades. As a fully licensed, bonded and insured business, you can trust that their companies bring knowledge and experience to every job they take on.

“It’s important that people recognize the importance of proper tile assemblies,” affirms Nick. “There are a lot of new products and installation systems out there. Understanding these products and how they are used is an essential component for avoiding failures.” Seeking to stay current in the industry standards, RTS routinely brings in representatives from these tile manufacturers for trainings, demonstrations and certifications, helping their technicians tackle just about any installation concepts imaginable.

“Our goal is to be the first company with fully certified installation technicians as recognized by the National Tile Council of North America,” says Nick.

Complementing their strong integrity for getting the job done right, the entire crew at RTS takes great pride in their attentiveness for customer service. Showing up on time, maintaining a professional atmosphere and jobsite cleanliness only enhances the experience for their clientele.

“We know there are many companies providing similar services as us, that is why at RTS, we know it’s the little things that can make a big difference!” says Nick. “We strive to make our installation processes as minimally invasive on our clients’ homes and ensure that our technicians create a clean, smooth and fun process whenever possible.”

Thanks to their large crew, they’ve become enticing to builders and developers in that they are able to accomplish large projects in very short timeframes, assisting their clientele in meeting difficult deadlines.

When choosing RTS for your installations, you’ll be rewarded with quality products, professionalism and creativity. “We pride ourselves on our reputation on our work and customer service,” says Sheyna. The couple also takes pride in being able to provide well-paying jobs for local families. “We want everyone on our crew to enjoy this area as much as we do. We are so very thankful for our dedicated employees!”

2019 was an exciting year for RTS Tile & Stone, according to Nick. “We were fortunate to take part in some really unique and challenging installations.” Their craftsmanship can transform an idea into a genuine work of art. From custom bathrooms and large format floors to accent walls, RTS will give your home its own special character and stunning beauty meant to last the test of time.

"It is always fun witnessing a space transform from something old to something new for our clients. It’s a real joy to see their expressions when the final product is delivered; always something new and exciting,” says Klinton McBaine of RTS Tile & Stone.

In addition to RTS, Nick and Sheyna are the owners of Cleanlinez Tile Restoration. With a combination of knowledge, products used and maintenance services, they are able to offer a lifetime warranty on all installations. “The fact that we have a sister company to continue to maintain our installations as well as maintain and repair other installations really makes our company unique,” affirms Sheyna. “We also do a complete care package of restoration and maintenance of tile, stone and grout, refinish natural stone, and repair and polish travertine, marble and granite.”

From their beautiful work at the Idaho Club and Taylor and Sons Chevy to the Belwood Building and Kochava, Nick and Sheyna enjoy being able to see the work they’ve done throughout Sandpoint. “I love seeing our work when we go places,” smiles Sheyna. “It’s so rewarding.”

With their roots being deep in Sandpoint, the Rusts plan on continuing to grow their business right here in North Idaho. “We’re not going anywhere,” says Nick. “We’re excited to be opening a second office in the Coeur d’Alene area for 2020, expanding services to all of North Idaho.”

RTS Tile & Stone 1223 Michigan Street, Unit C Sandpoint, Idaho 83864 208.946.3919

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