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Student in the Spotlight: KaLiah Frazey, Lake City High School

KaLiah Frazey, Lake City High School


By Taylor Shillam

At 18 years old, Lake City High School senior KaLiah Frazey has worked hard for her academic and athletic achievements, including earning a first-team pick in the Idaho state basketball championship tournament and an all-star pick in the Idaho all-star basketball game.   

“She works so hard on her academics, is a wonderful young lady, and had an amazing state basketball tournament,” shares Deanne Clifford, principal of Lake City High School in Coeur d'Alene. 

KaLiah’s career as a high school basketball player has not been without challenges but has resulted in a successful senior year — and the beginning of an even brighter future. 

“Some of the biggest challenges I have faced while playing basketball are the politics of high school sports,” KaLiah shares. “My sophomore year, I was ineligible to play due to transferring schools and renting a home. In my junior year, I averaged eight minutes of playing time a game. Not being able to play was the biggest challenge I faced, but I put in the work over the summer, landed a scholarship and had an amazing senior year.” 

KaLiah says she enjoys her sport the most because “basketball creates lifelong friendships and allows you to see places and meet new people.” She goes on to add, “Women's basketball has grown dramatically, and seeing and being part of the basketball community is truly amazing.” 

After high school, KaLiah says she will attend HBCU college Langston University on a full-ride scholarship to play basketball. She plans to major in psychology and minor in criminal justice. “I’m hoping to become a child psychologist,” she shares.  

KaLiah says a piece of advice from her AAU coach, Vanessa MeClendon for Northwest Magic, has stuck with her — and will stay with her throughout life. “She always told me to ‘stay ready,’” KaLiah says. “Yes, it is simple, but it means a lot to me. She always told me to be ready when my number is called. I don't just use this on the court but also off the court. Life will throw crazy things at you. Just always be ready.” 

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