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Pinnacle Physical Therapy

Pinnacle Physical Therapy

Pinnacle Physical Therapy is a comprehensive and dynamic outpatient physical therapy clinic committed to providing patients the highest quality care available. With two locations in Coeur d’Alene and Post Falls, Idaho, and offering a wide range of specialties for every kind of patient—whether getting back to work or your day-do-day activities after a surgery—Pinnacle Physical Therapy has the right specialist for your needs.

Owner Mark Bengtson, MPT, who was born right here in Coeur d’Alene and raised in nearby Rathdrum, has been treating patients for nearly two decades and started Pinnacle Physical Therapy in 2004.

“Seeing the patients improve and helping them achieve their goals was really why I got into this business,” Bengtson says. “Seeing the smiles on their faces when they experience relief and seeing the light bulb go on when they understand how their body works are the most fulfilling moments for me as a therapist. I love seeing patients empowered to improve their body and fix their physical ailments and injuries.”

The Pinnacle Team has a passion for helping others above and beyond what they would experience in many health-care settings or other PT experiences. They work endlessly to advance people’s health by promoting physical strength, function mobility and active lifestyles using hands-on comprehensive body analysis and hands-on manual therapy.

“I’m driven by the desire to stand out in a competitive and challenging profession where I’m dealing with complex injuries day in and day out,” says Bengtson. “My team and I have a passion for helping people, and I think it shows in their time with us.”

He adds that all of their providers are unique, each with different training and different skill sets, yet they work together toward a common goal of optimal physical function. “We also try to provide an experience for the patient from the first initial exam to the final graduation day,” Bengtson says. “We want our patients to feel encouraged, educated, challenged and loved during their time with us.”

At Pinnacle PT, they focus more on results than time spent with the patient, which is an uncommon practice in most health-care facilities. Staff does not restrict themselves to a clock when it comes to treating their patients. Rather, in order to secure the results they want with each patient, they may use longer-than-usual treatment times to reach that goal.

When not treating patients or in the office, you’ll most likely find Bengtson coaching or attending one of his children’s sporting events such as football, basketball, golf and soccer. He and his staff also get involved with their North Idaho community by hosting monthly workshops and organizing seasonal food drives, as well as other health and wellness events locally.

Keep your eyes open for their next event—Free Screen Day—which will be held 9am to noon on December 9 at their Post Falls location. They’ll have therapists on site offering free evaluations in 20-minute slots. If you are having any aches and pains, now is the perfect time to stop in and see if physical therapy can help you. Call 208.777.4242 today to schedule your Free Screen.

Pinnacle Physical Therapy

Two Locations:

1590 East Polston Avenue, Suite B

Post Falls, Idaho 83854


3322 Grand Mill Lane

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 83814


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