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Capturing Smiles and Memories


“Pinch me, this cannot be real!” Libby recalls. “Our little business, created one night, with a pencil and paper and one lofty little dream, was about to hit places like People magazine and ‘Good Morning America.’ It was one of the most exciting moments ever!”

Last summer, Libby Russell, owner of Happy Camper Photobooth, had the incredible opportunity to cross an item off of her “entrepreneur bucket list” when she received a booking through a California wedding/event planner. Libby would soon find out that she was about to share in one of the biggest events of 2017—Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich wedding weekend!

Happy Camper Photobooth was conceptualized one sleepless night back in 2014, when Libby had a unique and fun idea. “How cool would it be to mesh together the awesomely fun concept of photobooths, but with more charm and style!” she explains. “It was always surprising to me to pull up to a stunning wedding that was overflowing with flowers, string café lights and gorgeous décor and then, off to the corner, was this ugly black box—the photobooth.”

Mingling her love for vintage charm with new technology, she had an idea—a photobooth on wheels. After sharing her idea with her husband Andrew, whom she calls a “jack of all trades,” the two started on the journey of planning and researching to make Libby’s vision a reality.

“We built each little bench with our own two hands. I sewed each curtain, pillow and bench cover. A ton of heart, one cool dream and a lot of work later, our first camper photobooth was born—the ‘Maisy Girl.’” Their 1959 Shasta had been transformed into a shiny new aqua and white “girl,” ready to adorn weddings and events and be filled with laughter and unforgettable memories. After realizing that one photobooth just wasn’t enough for all the events they were booking, the pair restored their second vintage camper—their white-and-red “Dixie Girl.” Since then, they have also added “open air” style photobooths.

“We have been blessed to watch our dream come to fruition and to use it to share in so many people’s special days, whether it be a wedding, anniversary celebration, business or community event,” says Libby. “It has been more of a blessing than I ever could have imagined!”

In addition to helping make a couple’s wedding day overflow with fun and laughter and capturing it for their "forever memories,” Libby says that the relationships they have built with the clients, as well as other vendors and entrepreneurs, is one of the most rewarding parts of owning Happy Camper Photobooth. “Being a woman entrepreneur, it has been such a blessing getting to know others’ stories, dreams and then the successful businesses they too have created with their own two hands.”

It has always been important for Libby to give back to the community which has embraced her and her business since opening in 2015. Libby says she is continually seeking for how she might be used in this world, and how she can integrate this into the business as well. They have donated their photobooth services to nonprofit events, including the annual SIDS foundation run in Coeur d’Alene, as well as schools and town events.

“I look forward to seeing what we can be a part of in 2018 with our little photobooths. My heart is huge for animals, so I am hoping to share in some sort of pet rescue auction or fundraiser. We have been blessed with these fun little vintage photobooths, so it is perfect to be able to give back and bless others with them!”

Happy Camper Photobooth


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