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Muddy Miles Returns

Muddy Miles Returns

It’s summertime, and kids will inevitably come home from a day at play dirty, sticky and otherwise disheveled. One look and you know you’re in for a long evening of cleanup, but it also takes you back to a time when your summers were carefree, and seeking out the playground, the woods or the beach was your only priority each day. On July 21, you can relive your dirty messy carefree days again alongside your adult friends or your kids as hundreds of people will be caked in mud upon completion of Muddy Miles 2018.

The race started in 2011 as a fundraiser for Heritage Health. With growth, logistics and location changes, the event became too much for one organization to handle and unfortunately did not come to be in 2017. With so much positive feedback, the community wasn’t ready to let the fun annual summer event go, and thanks to new partnerships, Muddy Miles is back on again this summer.

“It is a lot of work putting on the race,” explained Tiffany Morrett, Heritage Health director of company culture. “This year we’ve partnered with Kootenai County Young Professionals (KCYP) and the Lady A’Lene’s to make it a great event.”

Using their large memberships and marketing networks, Miranda Hamilton of Lady A’Lene’s and James Perkinson of KCYP are helping Morrett promote the event with the goal of having 1,000 runners this time around.

Anyone who’s looked to their left or right along the major roadways of North Idaho has noticed the incredible amount of new housing going up. In fact, the 2016 Muddy Miles course was an empty field but today is in the Tullamore Development, meaning the race needed to find a new location.

“Stateline Speedway stepped up big and offered up their land in order for us to get it going again,” said Morrett.

At the Speedway you’ll find ample parking with the course adjacent to the race track. Muddy Miles is open to anyone age 3 and older and offers several different heats based on how you would like to run the race.

“There is an adults only, a competitive heat, youth, family and also a team heat,” said Morrett.

Runners will find a roughly 2-mile dirt and mud-filled course with several obstacles to conquer along the way. You can run, jog or walk between obstacles of which you will encounter balance beams, monkey bars, climbing walls and slip ‘n slides, to name a few. Water stations will be found along the course as well as volunteers on standby in case of cuts, bruises or any other potential injuries. No matter how you choose your path you are sure to be coated in mud from beginning to end.

While there is a competitive heat, Muddy Miles is meant to incorporate young kids and families, meaning you won’t be encountering any flames or barbed wire as you might have seen in a Spartan Race. A fun time is more important than the fastest time, according to Morrett. “Enjoy the moment with your family and don’t be afraid to get muddy with your kids.”

Hadagone Marine Group

Registration is now open and you must do so in advance. Head to, click on ‘Register Today’ and you’ll be directed to the Eventbrite page to enter your information. Proceeds from the event go into Heritage Health’s Maryellen Scholarship fund which helps cover the costs of services to patients ranging from medical care and counseling to trips to the KROC Center. With many in our community unable to cover even basic medical costs, the fund goes a long way to ensuring proper health care for all in our communities.

At the post race event you’ll find snacks, food and drinks for purchase as well as some outdoor showers to help rinse some of the mud off. Don’t forget to bring a towel with you and know that a quick post- race rinse won’t tackle all the dirt and grime you’re bound to run into. You’ll want to cover your vehicle’s seats for the ride home as well. As a veteran of several races, Morrett also has another piece of handy advice. “Put some duct tape around your shoes so you don’t lose them deep in a mud pit.”

The first heat goes off at 10am and Muddy Miles will be wrapping up by around 1pm, leaving plenty of time to still hit the lake on a beautiful North Idaho Saturday afternoon. A family of five can enjoy the race for just $100 total, and your entrance fees go toward ensuring that at-risk community members can still get the health care and mental and emotional help they need.

Kids love getting dirty, and splashing around in the mud with Mom and Dad will be a day they won’t soon forget. Heritage Health is excited to bring Muddy Miles back to North Idaho and is hoping you’ll turn out for a memorable morning of outdoor messy fun. For additional information or to register online, visit

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