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Making an Impact Through Digital Marketing

Making an Impact Through Digital Marketing

If you are a business owner, do you ever wonder just how people find out about you? Sure, you can ask a random sample of customers or clients, but it does not provide you with a true picture of just how your message is being spread throughout the community.

Steve Russo, owner of Like Media, Inc., the parent company of Living Local 360, realizes that as technology has exploded exponentially over the last several years, there are many avenues to brand one’s business, and he set out to do what he could to optimize his clients’ exposure in the world of advertising.

“People are receiving their information in a variety of ways. We are a society that is on the run, tied to our phones and social media, so it is critical to utilize many platforms for spreading our message,” says Russo.

A year ago, Like Media launched a new company, Rocket Fish Digital, the goal of which is to assist clients to more effectively market their businesses online and track just how their message is being received and what avenues of marketing are the most effective for that particular business.

Rocket Fish Digital provides its clients with the tools to improve their digital footprint and track their analytics. And do you ever wonder if there are negative comments about your business online? Rocket Fish Digital will also monitor the posts and reviews that are posted about their clients.

The experienced staff at Rocket Fish Digital will provide social media pages for your business, updating them and optimizing the exposure on a regular basis. With Rocket Fish Digital managing, interacting, generating and reporting on all reviews that come in on your business, this guarantees Rocket Fish Digital’s clients provide timely responses to inquiries while also ensuring prompt customer service.

Each month, Rocket Fish Digital provides its clients with an extensive report covering various topics such as listing search terms, Google search queries for each weekday, Google phone calls broken down by the hour and more. How do they do this?

Russo explains that one such way is through analyzing the average number of times consumers took action from a business’s Google My Business listing by detailing whether they clicked the “call,” “directions” or “website” links.

This is just a sampling of the more than dozen analytics that Rocket Fish Digital can provide businesses and at a very affordable price.

“We have already witnessed great success with the clients who have signed up for our beta program launched in January 2018,” says Russo. “We launched this service after years of research, and we can now provide our clients with every tool necessary to be relevant online, improving their Google rankings and overall digital footprint at a fraction of the cost of most competitors.”

Jim Hutchens is a Certified Public Accountant who had limited his advertising to print until just a year ago. He enlisted the help of Rocket Fish Digital and is amazed at how much information he is able to receive about his online marketing.

“I never really thought much of online marketing, but with encouragement from others I decided to go ahead and sign up with Rocket Fish. It’s been amazing to me to see the feedback from my social media, website and Google listings,” said Hutchens.

The next time you are considering your advertising options, be sure to check out Rocket Fish Digital!

Rocket Fish Digital


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