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A Focus on Wellness and Mental Health

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Tools to help create calm in your life By Jillian Chandler

2021 has been a busy year for therapist Heather Hart. With a passion to serve her clients, not only in her office but outside her doors, she has created a wellness brand with a focus on mental health. And this month, she is officially launching Kalm Learning. As a therapist, Heather continued to notice a disparity between teaching mindfulness skills and the use of those skills once clients were immersed back into their daily lives. “One day I thought, ‘What if there was a way to remind clients in those moments to use the mindfulness skills we practiced in sessions.’” This idea manifested itself, and Kalm Learning was born.

Blending neuroscience and somatic wellness, Heather has created a kit that focuses on teaching individuals how to meet their daily stress differently. “With tangible items to use, as well as activity cards that pair with each item, it can be individualized and taken anywhere you go,” shares Heather. “With my training and education as a trauma informed therapist, I have made sure all techniques are well researched and safe for daily use.”

The small kit comes with three handmade items, which all fit into a handmade wallet. Each item acts as a supportive tool with directions for an activity to direct people in learning how to use each item for its calming benefits. Items are small and discreet, allowing them to be taken and used anywhere at any time. “These items aim in helping to remind folks to breathe, ground, or use guided imagery, calming their bodies and brains, moving through to the next moment,” says Heather. “I believe every person deserves a choice in experiencing calm throughout their busy days.”

The biggest help and support in using the tools and learning the skills, according to Heather, is that with every box purchase you gain access to the Kalm community forum—a place for you to share your experience with others, what works, what doesn’t, your successes and frustrations. “The most important part of this process is to know you are not alone on your journey of remapping your brain and learning how to calm your nervous system, but there are others struggling too, ready to support in a healthy way. The Kalm community offers education, social support and a feeling of success in those stressful moments.”

Kalm Learning is about empowering individuals to feel confident and successful in learning and changing the way they perceive the idea of success during stress. “The reward is seeing the shift in how people hold healthier relationships with themselves, being able to manage stress by making small choices that develop healthier bodies and brains,” affirms Heather.

She and her husband Ethan have called the Inland Northwest home for the past six years. After living out of an old motorhome the couple had refurbished, and visiting all of the National Parks from San Diego to Washington, it was time to settle down as Heather began her practicum for her master’s degree. With family in the area, they decided to settle in Spokane—and have loved every moment. “There is something so charming about the Spokane and Coeur d’Alene area that makes it feel like home.”

Over the years, Heather says it’s been incredible to witness the support shown to small businesses, and the emphasis on buying local that is unlike anywhere else. “Being a part of such a supportive, tight-knit community has helped build confidence and comfort with this idea of creating my own brand,” she smiles.

Heather is grateful for the community in which she lives and the support she’s been shown by the people around her, from the encouragement of her husband to the women entrepreneurs who have helped her navigate the beginnings of being a small business owner. “There is no way I could have done this alone, and I am so grateful to the community that has made Kalm what it is.”

If you are seeking some calm in your busy, stressful life, let Heather guide you through Kalm Learning. To purchase your Kalm Learning box today, please visit

Kalm Learning @KalmLearning

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