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A Passion for Exceeding Expectations

Certified Mortgage Advisor ready to guide you through a successful mortgage transaction

By Jillian Chandler

Photo by Annie Zasadny Photography

Growing up, dinners around the table usually involved conversations about loans, the future of the mortgage business and how to keep clients happy. After all, Misty Stoddart’s parents had careers in the mortgage business. “So it seemed natural to study finance in college and enter into such a diverse and exciting career once I graduated from college,” Misty says.

Before starting her own book of clients, Misty further developed her knowledge and skills by working with her mom, “who literally made me work each different aspect of the loan process—and trust me, there are many of them,” she says. “That truly helped solidify my knowledge of the loan business from start to finish and I believe made me more equipped to serve my clients’ needs!” Misty is also grateful to the many coaches and mentors she’s been blessed with along the way who keep her sharp as the mortgage business constantly evolves.

Today, Misty is the proud owner of Loans By Misty, a referral-only business that has successfully funded more than $1 billion in residential mortgage loans of all types.

Whether you are a first-time home buyer, a Veteran, self-employed, a high net-worth individual or anyone in between, Misty can assure you that her years of experience and being well-versed in traditional and non-traditional loans will exceed your expectations, and she and her team will get the job done well!

“We use our ‘outside of the box’ thinking combined with our network of banks and investors who handle even the most challenging transactions to make our clients’ loan experience as stress-free and simple as possible,” Misty affirms.

What sets Loans By Misty apart from other loan agencies is their experience in handling the “not so simple” loan transactions. “Anyone can do a ‘vanilla’ loan, and we love when we get the opportunity to do such a simple loan transaction, but this is only a fraction of our business,” she says. “What happens when a borrower is self-employed? Cannot provide tax returns to qualify? Has a higher debt-to-income ratio? Lower credit score? Or no documentable job but has healthy assets? This is where we shine, and these niches are our specialty.”

At Loans By Misty, they consult with their clients about not only their mortgage needs but their long-term financial goals. As Misty says, “I am a Certified Mortgage Advisor (CMA) who looks far beyond just the one loan transaction, looking to create wealth using real estate and mortgages as a tool to accomplish this.”

In addition, they also offer a service they refer to as “Rescuing Loans.” Rescuing loans it taking on a challenging loan that another loan officer could not successfully fund and finding a way to close the loan. “Most of our loyal return clients were earned by first rescuing their loan from a denied state to an approved loan,” Misty affirms.

Though she loves every aspect of her job, her favorite part of the process is conducting the initial consultation with her clients. “I love to learn about them, their family, and what they are trying to accomplish. Knowing I help get them there is so incredibly rewarding, and many of my clients and referral partners have become my lifelong friends!”

Misty is proud to be a part of the Coeur d’Alene community. In addition to the beauty of the area, she appreciates all the family owned businesses that can be found here. “Being a family owned and operated business myself, I believe this is how we support and give back to our community,” she says. Misty is involved with numerous philanthropic organizations including Make a Wish Foundation and Second Harvest Food Bank. She is a proud wife, an active mother and enjoys being her kids’ biggest cheerleader. You can find her and her family outdoors enjoying God’s country as often as possible in every season!

If you are looking for a Certified Mortgage Advisor who has your best interest at the forefront of every decision—and transaction—look no further than Misty Stoddart of Loans By Misty.

Loans By Misty


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