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Fit Tips to Get Your Mind and Body Wedding Ready

Start now to look and feel your best on the big day By Jillian Chandler

Fit Tips

It is one of the biggest—and most significant—occasions of your life and that of your significant other. Your wedding day. This is the day that two lives unite to become one. Once the engagement is underway, the planning begins. This can cause excitement, overwhelm, stress and anxiety. But it’s important that throughout the process you make you—and your relationship—a priority, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Read on for tips to get your mind and body wedding ready. You’ll be glad you did.

Move. There’s no doubt you’ll be on the move constantly during the months leading up to your wedding day. But between work, dress fittings, invite lists, researching photographers and venues, you want to make sure you set aside time, at least several times a week, to focus on movement to keep your body and mind exercised. Simply setting your alarm to rise 30 minutes earlier and fit in a short run or workout video (if this isn’t something you do already) will help you start your day off right. And by scheduling time in the morning, before the day begins, there is no possibility of your plans getting disrupted by last-minute appointments and unexpected events.

Eat Right. We all strive to look our best on our wedding day, but the stress of all the preparation, and the feeling that there is not enough time in the day, can cause us to resort to fast food, sugar- and fat-laden coffees, and everything you should not be having. You may even find that the stress is causing you to snack, or binge, even when you’re not hungry. Instead, keep quick, healthy snacks with you at all times, so that no matter where you are or what you’re doing, your purse has nutrient-packed foods to satiate your hunger—and even that stress. And it doesn’t hurt to meal prep so that dinner is practically ready when you walk through the door.

Relax. Some think that bedtime is the only time they get to relax. That’s wrong! It is important to make time to step away from the busyness of the day—whether it’s a day of wedding tasks, or work, or both—and focus on ... relaxation. Just taking five-minute breaks throughout the day to listen to your favorite inspirational podcast, write in your journal, stretch over your exercise ball (yes, even in your office) can help give you the boost you need to continue your day.

Sleep. As adults, many—if not most—of us do not get an adequate amount of sleep each night. With the extra excitement of all that’s going on, it may make it just that much harder to close your eyes at night. Do your best to follow a bedtime routine to help you slow down your mind. Brew a cup of decaffeinated tea and choose a new book to read to help you unwind. That list of “to-dos” can wait until tomorrow when you’re refreshed and clear-headed. And remember, exhaustion never helped anyone.

Reset. There will come a moment (or possibly a few) when you feel like you are just one person and you need 10 of you to handle all that’s going on. This can end up mentally, emotionally and physically taking a toll on you. No one wants this. So, instead, you can choose to reset. Maybe a facial will help you readjust your thoughts. Perhaps a deep-tissue massage will work out all that stress and angst you’re holding in. How about a healthy lunch date with a friend where you have the opportunity to just chat over a nice meal.


A Day at a Time

• Start the day off right by getting your body moving.

• Choose healthy meals and snacks. Not only will this help keep off unwanted weight, your mind and body will work in your favor.

• When there’s overwhelm during the day, it is okay to step away for a few minutes to breathe and relax.

• If you feel the pressure of life, work and wedding planning all piling on your shoulders, this is the time to reset and treat yourself with something that will take your mind off of it all.

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