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Flowers for Your Wedding Day

Adding that special touch By Rachel Kelly

wedding flowers

Finding the perfect bouquet and centerpieces for your wedding can be a chore or a joy; it really depends on how you look at it. But it goes without saying that flowers add something special. They add color, fragrance, personality and beauty. You don’t need a lot to make a big statement, and they can either provide a pop of excitement or be an elegant accompaniment. Flowers bring together disjointed spaces and make those not-so-attractive spots unnoticeable. They fill up empty decorations, spruce up glass jars, and provide personality to white tablecloths. They hint of simplicity, dance of elegance, and speak of promises. Most importantly, bouquets give your hands something to hold on to as you walk down the aisle! Flowers are an absolute must. Whether you assemble your own flowers, buy from a florist, or pick your flowers from your garden, here are six tips to make sure that your flowers have that special touch.

When picking a florist, go with someone you know. Usually this means local, but sometimes it means choosing a friend with experience. If you're asking for help with flowers, you probably don’t know what you’re doing. This is why choosing someone you know becomes so important, because you can trust them; a florist who knows you can pick out flowers that are not only in season but that will work just right for you.

Another good choice is to go with a local farm to provide your flowers. These flowers are sure to be fresh, fragrant, and perfectly in season. What’s more, they’ll most likely be full of color. This means that little adornment or garnish will be needed. Holding a bouquet of bright yellow daffodils is sure to provide a joyous air to any spring ceremony, or a floating calla lily a simple beauty to any centerpiece.

Think ahead when deciding and/or putting together your flower arrangements. Flowers and décor are one of those things that can be decided upon ahead of time. Ninety percent of the arrangements should be done a day before the wedding. If the flowers are refrigerated, they are still sure to be fresh and gloriously aromatic on the day of. If it’s not possible to do everything the day before, then make sure to separate the flower bundles and decide on the arrangements beforehand to reduce stress. The last thing you want to do when you’re getting ready is having to decide on how the flowers should be displayed!

Think small when deciding on multiple flowers in one bouquet or centerpiece. The accompanying flowers should be smaller than the center flower, so as to complement rather than overwhelm the overall presentation. Examples include heather blossoms and baby’s breath. Flowers don’t take much to stun, and nor does it take much to overwhelm the senses.

Less is more when deciding on flowers. Choose one overarching flower and allow that to be the common theme in all your arrangements. Flowers such as tulips, roses, hydrangeas, chrysanthemums, calla lilies, and dahlias are common vibrant flowers that will really make a statement. This can mean that your bouquet could be one color, and your table arrangements another, while all being unified by the flower.

Tying it all together can be done using simple looped grass, swatches of muslin, or wrapped lace or string. Any material can be used to bring the flowers together, as long as it’s tight and holds them closely together. Sloping or disjointed flowers are pretty much the only thing that will ruin the effect. Pins are often put through the underside heads of larger flowers to keep them from drooping, while smaller flower bunches are trimmed of their lower offshoots to allow them to be tightly tied. The last touch is making sure all the stems are cut the same length at the bottom of the bouquet.

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