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NW Integrative Physiotherapy

Updated: Jan 8

Amplified wellness for the sport of life

By Jillian Chandler

NW Integrative Physiotherapy Coeur d'Alene

Growing up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Nadine Waeghe fondly remembers spending her time outdoors, on the playground, and participating in outdoor recreation, community youth and organized school sports. “I experienced typical bumps and bruises, growing pains and sports injuries,” she recalls.  “Even then I was inquisitive, analytical and pragmatic, so I never settled for the ineffectual standard answers provided by those I encountered in the medical system: ‘You’ll outgrow it.’ ‘Give it a few days of rest.’ ‘Just put some ice on it.’ I decided to study pre-med in college with the intention of being a better sports medicine doctor than what I had experienced.”

It was during her time working as a student athletic trainer in college, side by side with a variety of health care professionals—including sports medicine and orthopedic specialists—that she realized she preferred being in the trenches with the athletes. This is when she redirected her focus to athletic training and physical therapy.

“As my PT/AT career progressed, I kept asking questions and diving deeper into the health of the whole person. That led me to further my education in functional medicine, which allows me to provide comprehensive care for the human being trusting me to help,” Nadine shares.

Nadine has worked in places around the nation and the world—both within the Western medicine health care system and privately outside of the system. Having a broad understanding of what is available and what works from the traditional, alternative, ancient, and metaphysical perspective, she can quickly identify the primary contributors to injuries and illness and offer practical therapies and/or recommendations for interventions known to be effective treatments to restore optimal health.

Today, as a certified athletic trainer, licensed physical therapist, and certified functional medicine practitioner with more than 25 years of experience in sports medicine and expertise in biomechanics, osteopathic manual therapy and integrative physiotherapy, Nadine Waeghe is the proud owner of NW Integrative Physiotherapy, working with clients in the area since March 2022.

At NW Integrative Physiotherapy, Nadine specializes in:

Injury Treatment and Recovery: Classic sports medicine services including injury treatment, rehabilitation and recovery, with a unique approach, as well as injury prevention therapies, injury risk assessment, and remote telehealth injury evaluation and recommendations.

Integrative Health Solutions: Comprehensive evaluation, health history review, physiological systems analysis, and specialty testing, guiding you to the root cause of your health challenges, followed by a variety of therapeutic interventions and recommendations to address those underlying issues with the intent to optimize your health for the long term.

Education for Prevention and Performance: Based on the latest research and technology in biological sciences, Nadine offers education at the individual, community, and professional practitioner level.

Specialty Services: Detailed service for the highly motivated performer specific to their wants and needs such as equipment analysis, video biomechanical analysis, functional foot orthotics and individualized performance nutrition recommendations.

Nadine provides services outside of the insurance-based health care system, which allows her more time and detail in addressing her patients’ unique needs with a comprehensive scope of practice. “A whole person is presented to me, not just a body part. Working together with the client, we will address all the physiological and physical parts that constitute that whole person while focused on their health and performance goals,” Nadine affirms. “Best outcomes are achieved through working as a team including the client, their family, their trusted health care providers, their fitness/wellness providers, and accessing my vast network of experts and colleagues as needed.”

Another convenience of NW Integrative Physiotherapy is that Nadine offers mobile service, by coming to your preferred location such as your home or office.

Having the ability to restore hope is what Nadine finds most fulfilling when it comes to the work she does. “I see many people who have been passed around the health care system without effective care and some who don’t bother because they assume they won’t get the help they need. I love listening to their stories, assessing their health challenges, and offering solutions that will change the quality of their lives. Sometimes all you need is to flip the correct ‘circuit breaker’ to reset the energy and direction of your life,” she smiles.

Serving North Idaho and virtually anywhere in the world, if you are seeking some guidance to restore, enhance or optimize your health, Nadine welcomes you to reach out.

NW Integrative Physiotherapy

208.820.8988 (Office)

408.888.1641 (Cell)

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