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Passions Unite to Provide Clients Top-Notch Service

The perfect pairing to sell your home By Jillian Chandler Attracted to North Idaho for its natural beauty and opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, along with the freedom found here, Mark and Lindsay Booze moved their family to the Coeur d’Alene area in August of 2019.

Both hold master’s degrees and worked in special education, serving students with special needs and their families—including two years in the Coeur d’Alene School District. Lindsay also has an extensive background in interior design and home staging, having staged homes for another company for eight years prior to education. She holds a degree in interior design and staging certifications from ASP and IAHSP. In addition to working in education, Mark spent nearly a decade in business-to-business sales (B2B) for lighting/electrical contractors, conducting business with some of the most reputable companies in the nation, selling and ensuring successful completion of high-dollar commercial lighting projects and maintenance contracts.

As so many people do, they long dreamed of the opportunity to be self-employed. And like so many of us, having the responsibility of raising their children caused hesitance in pursuing that dream.

“Around the time that COVID was at its peak, an opportunity arose, and we decided to go for it,” recalls Lindsay. “With my background in design and staging, the decision was easy, and we launched Elle B. Home Staging, LLC.”

Opened in August of 2021, the full-service home staging company provides services for both occupied and vacant residential homes. Lindsay offers no-cost, no-obligation site surveys to create custom quotes for each project and, for a small fee, a valuable DIY staging report for sellers living in occupied homes—a walk-and-talk consultation complete with a written report to include detailed suggestions for the owners to complete to make their home market-ready.

“We offer professional, high-quality customer service and attention to detail. We are passionate about home staging and helping market your property,” smiles Lindsay.

With his solid background in sales and public service, and a love of all things real estate, Mark established Booze Realty Services, where he is committed to working for his clients’ best interests. “Helping you achieve your real estate goals is my passion,” he affirms. Mark genuinely cares for his clients, and his background in high dollar/high pressure dealings gives him the skillset to see transactions through to completion, with full client satisfaction. Mark hangs his license at top-producing brokerage Coldwell Banker Schneidmiller Realty in Coeur d’Alene.

“We are extremely client-focused, and our heart is to help others and establish good relationships in the community,” affirms Mark. “Every transaction and every staging is unique, and we possess the depth of knowledge and experience to see our clients’ needs through to fruition and satisfaction.”

The couple expresses the importance of superior branding and marketing for those homes that are listed for sale; that when people list their property, it becomes their product, and like any product, they need to compete to gain attention—and ultimately attract the right buyer. “That’s where the services that Lindsay and I provide combine to really benefit my sellers,” notes Mark. “We professionally Stage my listings, vacant or occupied, at no cost to the seller.” Furthermore, Mark’s listings are professionally photographed and then marketed dynamically through his brokerage, social media, online, open houses and more—top-notch branding that could cost sellers thousands of dollars but is included at no cost when a seller lists with Mark.

When it comes to what the pair finds most rewarding about the work they do, Lindsay says, “I love the transformation that takes place in such a short amount of time. It is such a satisfying experience to see a vacant home or overly personalized home go from difficult-to-imagine to inspiring new buyers!”

Mark adds, “I agree with Lindsay 100 percent! I love seeing properties be transformed before they go on the market and the ensuing feedback when they go live. At the end of the day, I gain an amazing sense of simultaneous pride and humility when my clients put their trust in me to help them navigate the often-times tricky waters of a real estate transaction.”

The couple enjoys spending time with their three children (15, 11 and 9), taking in the beauty God has provided, whether skiing and snowboarding in the winter or boating, hiking and fishing during the warmer months. They also find opportunities to volunteer in various capacities in the community, including at One Place Church and in youth baseball.

“God has blessed us with opportunities, and every step of the way He has developed in us traits and skills that make our products valuable,” the couple shares. “We are adamant about doing good unto others, and our goal is to provide an excellent product. On top of that, our very supportive family has helped us immeasurably along the way, and we truly have the best clients!”

Elle B. Home Staging, LLC

10940 Ramsey Road

Hayden, Idaho 83835


Booze Realty Services

Coldwell Banker Schneidmiller Realty

1924 Northwest Boulevard

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 83814


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