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Photobooths: The Party Trend of the Decade

Find out why photo booths have become the new non-negotiable and how Electric Photoland is bringing the celebrity craze to the PNW.

Courtesy of Electric Photoland


In an era where capturing moments has become as essential as the events themselves, photo booths have emerged as the ultimate party trend. This is especially true for weddings, where it’s important to have high-quality photos of loved ones and entertainment for guests. “This is entertainment and an alternative activity to hanging out at the bar. We recommend having our booths for both cocktail hour as well as the after-dinner dancing because it gives your guests a great icebreaker before dinner while capturing all the energy of the after party,” says Ashley Cone, owner of Electric Photoland (EP) who is at the forefront of this trend, transforming ordinary wedding receptions into hip, fun, celebrity-caliber events.

The Rise of Photo Booths in Weddings

Gone are the days when a simple photographer roaming the venue is enough. While wedding photographers are focused on the couple, modern weddings demand an interactive, fun and memorable element—a photobooth. Say goodbye to the tech-less, low-quality photo booth of the past complete with clown hair and oversized glasses, Electric Photoland provides a chic and trendy experience from start to finish. From curated modern props like disco balls to unique backdrops created by artists, their photo booth provides a creative outlet for guests to express themselves while creating keepsakes that last a lifetime.“We want photos to look great and cohesive, so the props we bring are just that. No goofy glasses or cheap paper sayings on a stick. We want the photos to look amazing, so we are constantly refining our prop selection,” says Ashley.

Why EP Stands Out

EP isn't just another photo booth vendor. They're the only company in the Inland Northwest who offers completely custom photography experiences, powered by their technology partner and sister company Smilebooth. Their team of photographers, designers and tech wizards work to ensure that each photo booth experience is unique, engaging, and that guests look great while doing it.“We work with the top planners, vendors and venues in the area all the time, allowing us to make sure all the details of your event are thought of for the best experience possible,” Ashley states.

She goes on to say, “We offer the best glam booth in, well, anywhere! But we also have so many things that others don’t, such as stop motion videos and live online galleries.”When it comes to some of the unique aspects of what they offer, Ashley shares, “Our couples love that they can wake up together the morning after the wedding and browse through their photo booth gallery to see the smiles happening all night in the booth. They’re professional photos that are available immediately to guests and the couple, so it’s really different from regular wedding photography.”

One of their most unique offerings is their Romr service, where a photographer roams your event and takes photos of your guests. Describing Romr, “No, this isn’t like a wedding or event photographer. Romr is like a photobooth on-the-go where the photos are immediately available to share with artwork, just like our booths—think really fun high-end party pics—and we can even print them at your event! It’s the perfect addition to a photobooth and is especially great after cake!”

Custom designed experiences are also on the rise in popularity. “This year we’re seeing a huge increase in the demand for color and bold graphic art,” says Ashley. “Being able to create a studio-quality experience that’s repeatable, making your guests look and feel their best, is our goal,” she continues when discussing their backdrop and set design services. Imagine stepping into a custom-designed booth or set that reflects your aesthetic. These are not just backdrops; they're immersive art experiences that will set your wedding apart.“The small touches really matter to us. At the end of the night, we leave a photo box for the couple, including extra copies of the photos along with a magnetic frame with a photo of them on the top. We always get comments from our couples after the fact, especially because we don’t really advertise that we do this. It’s a nice touch and our ‘thank you’ for including us in their special day.”

Electric Photoland isn't just about providing a service; they're about creating fun and excitement that won’t be forgotten. With their unique style, innovative technology and commitment to excellence, they have redefined what a photobooth can be.For couples planning their wedding, Electric Photoland offers more than just a photobooth; they offer the experience weddings need.


Electric Phtotland

Instagram: @electricphotoland.photobooth

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