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Student in the Spotlight

By Taylor Shillam

Student in the Spotlight

Allie Bowman, Senior Lake City High School

Allie Bowman is often seen before and after volleyball practice, getting in extra reps and honing her skills.

“She’s a phenomenal representation of our school in regard to integrity and work ethic,” said Michelle Kleinberg, head volleyball coach at Lake City High School.

Allie is academically one of Lake City's top students in the class of 2023. This will be her third year lettering in volleyball and fourth in basketball. "I've had a 4.2 GPA or higher every year of high school so far, and I take pride in my grades," she said. "I am very motivated when it comes to sports and school.”

Her drive is clear and has only developed further through her challenges faced as an athlete.

When her JV volleyball team had to quarantine for 14 days due to COVID, "it happened to be the last two weeks of our season," Allie said. “It got cut short, and we didn’t get to finish it out, but we stayed positive and looked at what we could control.”

When those two weeks ended, the varsity team was starting district playoffs and needed support, as some of their own players were quarantined. “Even though I hadn’t played on the court for two weeks, I knew I had to be mentally tough, get out there and do what I could to play my best for the team and the coaches. It was cool to see the fight that we all had to win.”

Then, in her last volleyball season, Allie didn't play at all the first few games. She sought guidance from her coach on what she could work on to get out on the court. "With her input, I would put in extra time every day to work on those things,” she said.

That included extra practice on NIC’s beach courts, plus before and after her scheduled team practices. “I knew I wasn’t going to see results right away, but it would take time and patience." By mid-season, Allie was starting.

Allie enjoys everything about sports. "I have been blessed with some of the best coaches for both volleyball and basketball. They care so much about us and help us all to reach our potential." One of her main takeaways as an athlete has been: "If you want something, you're going to have to work to get it.

"I've also learned you have to do what's best for you," she said. "Sports have taught me to express my opinion in a kind way, and to make sure to communicate."

After graduation, Allie is set to pursue nursing at Brigham Young University in Idaho. “My mom is a nurse, so I’ve seen firsthand how amazing this job is. I love how many opportunities and different fields the career has," she said.

But first, Allie looks forward to spending time with friends this school year, and taking on a leadership role as ASB treasurer. “Everyone always says high school goes by fast, and I didn’t believe them until now,” Allie said. “I want to make the most of my last year

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