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Students in the Spotlight

By Taylor Shillam

Kytriana Burrell, Coeur d’Alene High School

Photo by Joey James

At 18, Kytriana (Ky) Burrell, who graduated from Coeur d’Alene High School in June, is a two-time district champion and three-time state qualifier in track and field.

While Ky didn’t immediately begin her high athletic career as a track athlete, she ended it on a high note, after winning multiple regional titles in the 100-meter dash, 200, and 4x100 relay.

“I think my biggest challenge in sports was that I didn’t start doing track until my sophomore year, and I felt like I was much further behind everyone else who had been running for much longer,” she says. “To make up for the gap, I had to work twice as hard by lifting weights, doing extra practice, and completing a lot of rehab to ensure my body was feeling good.”

Ky is grateful to her parents for supporting her success. “I have to thank my parents for a large part of my success because they made sure I still did everything I needed to do, especially when I didn't want to,” she says. “I also did summer track and indoor track with G3 athletics.”

From her experience as a track athlete for CHS, she learned how firsthand hard work can pay off. “I have also learned how to work well with others, even those I don't particularly enjoy being around.”

Her hard work certainly has paid off, through each successful season and competition, and now her path forward to continued success beyond high school.

“As of this year, I have podiumed at state four times,” she says. Ky plans to continue running track at the University of Texas at Arlington while studying to become an architectural engineer.

“I’m interested in architecture because I have always loved creating my own cool designs, as well as walking through homes and looking at their different designs,” she says. “I wanted to be able to do both: I want to design beautiful buildings and homes, then walk through them to see the final design.”

Ky loves the competitive aspect of her sport and will continue to pursue her goals in the next steps of her career. “I enjoy track because I like the aspect of competing with myself and the constant goal of trying to break my PRs,” she says. “I also really enjoy relays and having that community. Even if I don’t exactly work with them, I love that I have a team.”

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