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Students in the Spotlight

By Taylor Shillam


Brodie Beebe, Lake City High School Photo by Brady Campbell

“I played football my whole life and was a two-time all-defensive back and a two-year starter,” says Brodie Beebe, who completed his senior year at Lake City High School in June. “In academics, I always kept a 3.5 GPA and above, all four years of high school.”

“Brodie has been a T-Wolf since he was born,” says Lake City principal Deanne Clifford. “Every Friday night, you would find him on the sidelines of the football games, just a little man dreaming of the day he would be on the field.” Ever since, Brodie has worked hard in the classroom, on the field, and in the student section of the basketball stands “as our number one fan,” she says.

This fall, Brodie will attend the University of Alabama. “I will not be playing any sports. I had to hang up the cleats after a good decade of playing the game I loved,” he says. “I decided to do this solely to accomplish everything I intend on doing. It came down to what would give me a better opportunity in life, and where can I get a better education. I think the other thing that came into place was listening to my body. After 10 years of playing a contact sport, I’d realized it was time.”

Brodie’s career interests lie in the business world. “I’ve been around business my whole life, so I know how it moves inside and out. I really hope I can take from what I’ve learned and apply that knowledge,” he says. Brodie hopes to become an entrepreneur.

While Brodie won’t continue his sport in college, he'll keep the experiences and lessons learned.

“By far, the biggest challenge I overcame was getting suspended in my junior year. I know I messed up, and I learned from that,” he says. "That’s the biggest thing about life: You learn and grow. No one is perfect, and it’s about how you respond to adversity, rather than hide from it.”

Brodie credits a former coach, Greg Peach, for instilling in him the importance of accountability and being reliable. “I’m taking those life lessons with me all the way through,” he says. “In football, your team has to rely on you. In the real world, your boss and co-workers rely on you, and your family relies on you.”

Contact was one of Brodie’s favorite aspects of football but also the lesson that not everything comes easy. “It’s a year-round sport, not just a fall sport," he says. "It teaches you that you have to prepare for life, and not just go for it."

Although Brodie is retiring his cleats, he will remain a Timberwolf. “Brodie is well-liked, kind, generous and humble,” Deanne says. “We are truly proud of him! Brodie epitomizes everything it means to be a Timberwolf. He loves Lake City High School with all his heart and represents the spirit of the Timberwolf.”

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