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Students in the Spotlight: Nathan Edmonds

By Taylor Shillam

Photo by Chris Elam

Nathan Edmonds, Senior

Lake City High School

Nathan Edmonds Lake City High School

Lake City High School senior Nathan Edmonds is very involved in school as the Associated Student Body treasurer. “Some of my other achievements include being a two-time State Debate qualifier, and a four-time State Speech qualifier," Nathan says. He has earned a Varsity letter for tennis, three for debate and two for academics, and has held an unweighted 4.0 GPA throughout his high school career. 

"Nathan is an extremely intelligent young man," shares Lake City Principal Deanne Clifford. "He is our ASB treasurer and an all-around fantastic human being. In a conversation with Nathan, you will very quickly discover his charming character, incredible sense of humor and quick wit." 

Nathan says his two favorite school activities have been Student Council and the Debate team. "In both, I think my favorite aspect is the group dynamic," he shares. "In these activities, I enjoy all the relationships I've been able to make, and the common goal we share as a group, especially in Student Council. I enjoy how we all work together and have a good time together, while working on lots of different projects to benefit our school, students and community."

After high school, he plans to study secondary education with an emphasis in history. “I do not plan on playing sports in college, except maybe an intramural sport,” he shares. His interest in studying education stems from his parents, who are both teachers. 

“My parents both teach; my mom teaches first grade and my dad teaches high school history,” he says. “I also just enjoy learning and discussing interesting topics. I have always been interested in history, especially ancient cultures, and that also plays into my career interests. So, having two parents in the education field, a love for learning and an interest in history all add up to my interest in being a high school history teacher!”

His involvement in activities in and out of school has taught him time management.

“Balancing all of them along with doing the work for my classes, while still trying to have time to do things with my family and friends, and have time to decompress, has been difficult throughout high school,” he says. “I think that each year I have gotten better at handling my time more effectively and prioritizing my time better, because I’ve had a lot of practice. My attitude has been that sometimes you just have to get stuff done, however possible.” 

Nathan says one life lesson he'll take away from his time in high school is the importance of doing things you enjoy, with people you enjoy.

"In all of the activities and classes that I have been in, the people are what make it enjoyable," he says. "The best classes are the ones with interesting conversation and fun classmates, and I have prioritized doing activities with my friends, so that we can work together and have a good time within that activity. For example, my debate partner is also the ASB president and my classmate in several classes. I will remember how big a difference enjoyable people can make on an already enjoyable activity." 

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