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Students in the Spotlight- Nolan Christ

Nolan Christ

By Taylor Shillam

Nolan Christ, Senior Coeur d’Alene High School

At 17 years old, Nolan Christ enters his senior year at Coeur d’Alene High School (CHS) this fall.

Since his sophomore year, Nolan has played on the varsity football and baseball teams while maintaining a 3.5 GPA while taking Honors classes. “I have also enjoyed being involved in DECA, volunteering in the store, and competing around the state,” Nolan says. “In the summer, I have a great time playing on my travel baseball team, the CDA Lumbermen.”

Nolan plans to continue playing baseball into his senior year and beyond. “I plan on playing baseball in college, and studying business,” he says. “My career interests include going into business, with a focus on entrepreneurship or marketing.”

Nolan says he is intrigued by presenting and creating innovative products. In his junior year, he created his own brand and designed hats to sell. “I would also like to be involved with coaching, as a positive way to stay involved with the sports I love,” he says. With widespread talent and a strong spirit, Nolan is set up for success as a senior—both off and on the field.

“The biggest challenge I faced in sports was moving up to varsity for football and baseball as a sophomore,” he says. “I had to quickly learn how to adapt to the speed and intensity of varsity games.”

As a junior, Nolan faced another challenge closer to home, when his father was hospitalized for more than six months, missing his entire football season. “It was really difficult to not have him there, but I am glad everything worked out,” he says. “He was home in time to be able to watch me play baseball in the spring.”

Through the challenges and learning curves, Nolan has cherished his team as a multi-sport athlete, particularly the relationships built with his teammates.

“Being on a team with a group of guys who you love and would do anything for is truly special,” he says. Along with the camaraderie, he loves the feeling of competition and playing in a big game. “There is just something incredible about playing under the lights on Friday nights.”

Now, Nolan is entering his senior year with experience, education and humility gathered from his first three years at CHS. “Something I have learned from a coach is that if you think you know everything, you will never get better,” he says. “You always have to be learning new things to become a better athlete—no matter how good you think you are.”

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