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Superior Quality and Detailed Craftsmanship with Every Knife

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Post Falls’ company dedicated to products that last By Jillian Chandler

Buck Knives® started with a dream back in 1902, when Hoyt Buck sought to craft high-quality, industry-defining knives and tools—and it’s been their mission ever since. After more than a century in business, in 2005, to better align the Buck Knives® brand and their employees’ lifestyle with the beauty and activities offered by the Pacific Northwest, Buck Knives®, along with many of its employees, relocated from San Diego, California, to Post Falls, Idaho.

Today, you will find Lori Buck at the helm as owner and director, with CJ Buck as CEO and chairman. With the manufacturing capacity to build thousands of knives a day, Buck proudly employs over 320 employees in their Post Falls facility, each possessing a shared interest and commitment to quality and reliability. “Our success is fully determined by the passion that our customers and employees carry for the brand and the products that we create,” says CJ Buck. “Without them, we would not be here today.”

For generations, Buck Knives® has been making the most reliable tools a person can carry; tools built with pride for 120 years; tools you can always count on when, and where, you need them most; a tool that doesn't rely on battery life but is fueled by passion for a life lived outdoors.

Nestled in an area that is rich in hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and other outdoor recreational opportunities, combined with the unwavering support of the community, are what have contributed to the overall success of Buck Knives®. “For many loyal Buck customers, the ‘Made in the USA’ stamp on our blades is just as important as the Buck logo beside it. As a fourth-generation American company, we understand that,” CJ attests.

The dedication to producing products that will last is another aspect that sets Buck Knives® apart. They believe in the integrity of their products, paired with superior quality and detailed craftsmanship, and guarantee their knives forever. It was the philosophy of Buck’s founder, Hoyt Buck, who pioneered the Forever Warranty, which continues to be passed down with each generation.

“We are inspired by our customers and what they are able to achieve using our products,” says CJ. “Talking with our customers and listening to their adventures and stories of how our knives fit into their lives is something we take great pride in. Knowing that our knives are a part of different family traditions—and in some cases have been passed down from generation to generation—makes our focus on craftsmanship that much more rewarding.”

If you’re interested in touring the facility, Buck Knives® offers factory tours, which allow visitors in the Inland Northwest and beyond to see the knives being made by hand and the opportunity to speak with the employees. There is also a museum upstairs in the building showcasing some of the most historical pieces in Buck’s storied history. “Our tour ends at the Factory Store, where visitors are welcome to purchase knives, accessories and apparel—all of this is in Post Falls, just minutes from downtown Coeur d’Alene,” shares CJ.

As a proud local business that is always looking for ways to strengthen the community and the bond that holds it together, Buck Knives® is a proud supporter of the local community and events held within it.

With the holiday season upon us, gift that someone special—or yourself—with a Buck knife. A gift that will last … forever.

Buck Knives®

660 South Lochsa Street

Post Falls, Idaho 83854


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