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The Holistic Hairstylist

Organic hair salon provides a holistic approach to beauty

By Jillian Chandler

Photo by Keely McCaire Photography


“I always knew when I was young that I wanted to do hair,” Bryanna Baker reflects. “I was the hair-care, skin-care, makeup-obsessed girl before the days of YouTube. I idolized my hairstylist in San Diego and how something like hair could impact a person's entire being.

”When it came time to look at colleges, Bryanna’s parents asked her where she wanted to go. Though she listed prestigious hair schools, her parents dreamed of a different path for her. Bryanna would attend the University of North Dakota. She attended the university for two years but dropped out to go to hair school at Toni & Guys Hairdressing Academy. After completion of hair school, she knew she needed to finish what she started and enrolled at North Dakota State University, where she graduated with her degree in marketing, while doing hair when not at school.

Bryanna introduced The Holistic Hairstylist to the community in May of 2020, later incorporating her own holistic practices into her business and switching to organic-based color and hair-care products that November. “And I would never look back,” she smiles.

A hairstylist for nearly a decade, it was in 2018, after a series of events, Bryanna knew she needed to reevaluate her lifestylist and resort to a more holistic and natural approach to her own life. “I started to dive deep into how I can change what I use in my work. There has to be a way to do it better, do it cleaner. I was finally introduced to OWAY (Organic Way) in 2019 and made the switch to organic behind the chair in 2020.” 

It was after getting extremely sick with COVID in 2021, when she was in the ICU for five days and the hospital for a week, that Bryanna started to experience Telogen Effluvium, which led her to shave her head and start her research into hair loss and regrowing hair, and study Trichology. 

Currently North Idaho’s only Certified Hair Loss Practitioner, dually certified through USTI (United States Trichology Institute) and AMCA (American Medical Certification Association), and soon to be the region's first Trichologist (she will be fully certified in April of this year), Bryanna is blessed to be able to help people get to the root cause of their hair and scalp issues, and tailor treatment specifically to them. 

“The main passion of my work is my hair-loss services, helping people regrow their hair, and my personalized scalp treatments (think of facial for your scalp). A healthy scalp equals beautiful, healthy hair,” she smiles. “I also provide a low-toxin hair environment. No hair color can be completely organic, but using high-quality ingredients and organic ingredients does make a huge difference.” In addition, Bryanna offers haircuts and extensions. For those brides looking to achieve their hair goals going into their big day through scalp treatments and color, Bryanna is your girl.

What Bryanna has found most rewarding about her career is “getting to truly touch people, either through my scalp services, where I am guiding people on their hair growth and seeing it literally change their confidence, or nailing someone’s dream color. The moment of showing someone their own beauty and seeing the glow it gives them, that is exactly why I do what I do.”

Bryanna is grateful for living and working in a community filled with kind, caring people who are committed to supporting local, living healthy, and taking care of one another. And she is blessed by her current clients in helping her live her dream. “Their loyalty and trust in me is what keeps me in business,” she affirms. “In addition, as I am education oriented, constantly wanting to know more, be more, do more, that drive keeps me at the top of my game and comes back to my business.”When not taking care of her clients, Bryanna is devoted to her two beautiful dogs, Sophia and Kylo. She loves the outdoors and hiking, enjoying a coffee at Coeur d’Alene Coffee Co., traveling, or continuing her education in her field.

The Holistic Hairstylist is open 8am to 4pm Tuesday through Friday, and weekends by appointment. Bryanna invites you to schedule your appointment today.

The Holistic Hairstylist

9013 North Hess Street, Suite A

Hayden, Idaho

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